Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Oh Dorothy Orem, why doth thou vex me so?

I feel a bullet blog entry coming on!

  • My test this morning in Fundamentals was hard. More than one question about the formatting of nursing diagnoses, which I am not so clear on, and less than one question on the risk factors/outcomes/interventions for the specific nursing diagnoses covered in these chapters. I feel like my studying wasn't very effective for this test, and I'm not quite sure how to fix it. Perhaps I'll begin with an appt with the instructor, whom I love.
  • Did I mention that I got Bs on both the developmental test that I was so sure about, and the Patho exam that I strutted out of feeling all confident?! pride do cometh and alla that.
  • I'm trying to decide if I should go to the Health Action Committee meeting for PTA tonight. On one hand, it's been on my calendar for weeks to talk to one of the women on the committee who works as a school nurse about mentoring for possible ANS functions and personal mentoring type stuff. she's super cool. On the other hand, I have a thousand things to do tonight, and the meeting is sposed to run til 9pm. there's only so much I have to contribute to a conversation about peanut allergies in the elementary schools and making sure water is available in the lunch line. I can talk to the mentor lady anytime, I suppose. My main concern is that if I start skipping this meeting (only once a month) then I'll keep skipping this meeting. pish.
  • Before I go to bed tonight, I have to make a casserole for a random family I don't know because I got an email asking for folks to participate in a dinner delivery service for this woman in the nursing program ahead of me who just had a baby, blah blah. number one - she is in a two-parent household, so I'm a little snotty about her need for provided food, but I can quickly see that's selfish/irrational since I was in a two-parent household when the kid was born and I would have been thrilled beyond measure for strangers to bring me a casserole. number two - stop volunteering for things. just stop it. number three - what the hell am I going to make for her, when my child and i have been eating veggie chicken nuggets, defrosted frozen peas and mac-n-cheese with spinach this week. I have this mental picture of Black Bean and Sweet Potato Enchiladas, with a batch made up for me, too. I just don't know if that's realistic.
  • Three hours and ten minutes until my test in Disciplines. It's 40% of the grade for the course, and the only power-point presentation that the instructor has done was three slides long with a definition from Nightingale, Henderson, and the state board of nursing about how to define nursing. Do I need to get all detailed about the Henry Street Settlement? It's really interesting to me. Should I memorize who founded the ANA? Watson's ten carative factors? This is the course that sounds like a lot of words strung together to me. meaningless drivel is my first impression. True, with careful reading and synthesizing from other courses, it's getting more easy to understand and see the relevance. But distinguishing Rogerian nursing from Orem's self-care theory? The difference between a conceptual model and a theory? BLAH! bring on the sick people! Bring out the mannequins and the needles! Let's get to the good stuff. Oops, I'm exposing my occupation of Benner's novice stage of skill acquisition (person barely knows how to do something, is inflexible, and unable to apply said knowledge/skill appropriately).
  • Going to supplemental practice lab for med administration tonight - which seems smart.
  • Did not bring texts for Health Assessement (quiz at 8am tomorrow) - which does not seem smart. there's a test, a lab, and a pan of enchiladas between me and that textbook.
in other news, my lunch was not adequate. I'm off to get a latte and a scone.