Monday, February 12, 2007

three things I love about the internets this week

One - Cut a hole in the box. (Come on, you know this isn't work safe!)

Two - Put your junk in that box. (Gay Love Rocks My Sea Goat Testes)

Three - Make her open the box. (found at Bitch, Ph.D.)

Seriously, this computer (and more importantly, the wireless connection I seem to be able to find everywhere) have been blowing my mind lately. I racked up a huge bill on my DSL account - didn't pay the bill for months to teach those bastards at Verizon a lesson - and when I finally did pay the balance to get my interweb turned back on, they said thanks for the $286 but now you'll need a credit card to reinstate your account. I don't, of course, have a credit card. So, for about a year now, I've been on dial-up. Dial-up means no big downloads (so no Youtube), and a lot of instability connection-wise (so I avoid getting on the computer when I didn't have a lot of time to devote to babysitting whatever I was trying to do). It also meant, for me, no pdf documents, because every time I'd try to open one, Adobe would jump in and try to do a lot of fancy updates, and my poor computer would freeze right the fuck up. So. It's been a whole new world for this big girl lately. blogs, youtube, time wasting games, in the recliner, in the bed, in the library! Whee!

I've been feeling a little manic lately. It's a shift from feeling like I can't do anything, I have no time and less energy. And I like coming from a place of "sure, that sounds great. let me see if i can work it in!" rather than being so eeyore about the world. But I'm scared of a crash, honestly. I'm also wondering if I'm trying to tie together too many things that are interesting to me, but not nec. related. I'm trying to yoke social justice stuff (with that US Social Forum event this summer and with a drive to finally get involved in war stuff) with health education/parity/accessibility stuff. I'm looking at my ANS chapter and the state board of ANS for opportunities to get good shit on my resume and applications, wanting to stay active in my kid's school (so bring ANS functions to that population), but also remembering that for the most part the kid's school has a lot of well-meaning rich white folks to help out already, and so looking at the city I live in and how to work there (but avoid being a well-meaning white girl trying soothe my own guilt about sending my kid to the neighboring richer, whiter, "better" school district). I'm also looking ahead to my senior year and potential Honors projects, wanting to lay the groundwork and do something I'm actually passionate about, instead of just enough to get the yellow cords at graduation. Ay. And did i tell y'all about finding about the group that trains health care providers (they have contracts for local SONs, PA schools and MD schools) to provide pelvic and breast exams!?! It sounds like the perfect action opportunity for any woman who has seen the Vagina Monologues and hooted and cheered about the cold ducklips. Wow!

had fun in skills lab this morning - we slung each other around in the lifts. It was such a weird experience to be dangling in a fabric sling from a big purple machine.

test today in LifeSpan Development, which I'm assuming will be pretty much a gimme - helping my mom through a master's in psych in eighth grade and listening to her teach as an adjunct for the years since are a major advantage.

test tomorrow in Patho, which I feel less confident about, but I've done a great job of acting nonchalant about it for the bulk of the weekend. taking a nap, dragging letters around and watching The Facts of Life, Season One.

In other news, I have a $50 gift card to target and I have no idea what I'll spend it on! Jeans? Tennis shoes? A rolling bookbag? Hell, I've spent down my fin aid nest egg for this semester to the point that I may need it for groceries!

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that big girl said...

OMG! a link from Head Nurse! yeep! I can't figure out how to get her comments link to work for me, and I'm out of time to wander around the internet - but yeah, there really is nothing like seeing your work mentioned by someone! thanks, jo. I've been a lurker, on and off, for years.

Make this four things I love about the internets this week!