Monday, March 12, 2007

Spring Break, Day 1

Starting at midnight-thirty this morning, I have:

  • played on the computer for hours and hours. I've learned about balut from john patrick (something I wish desperately that I could un-see) and injera (which inspired my dish created for my Food Sharing Assignment next Tuesday) and seen incredible works of art like the one above (which looks like I feel right this second, a thousand things swirling around, individually odd, but collectively beautiful, so that you have to lie down to properly appreciate).
  • spent many hours in bed. I stayed up til 4am, woke up at 11, and didn't truly get out of bed and shower until 2pm. What am I, like 15 or something?
  • shaved my legs. This is more monumental than it sounds, since the last time I shaved my legs was at least a year ago, possibly more. I have resisted the urge many times, like the day before we practiced bathing in Skills lab, and before I got a pedicure. The urge to shave is always to avoid having to deal with someone else's discomfort or embarrassment on my behalf and I can get over that. But I bought skirts for summer, and cute sandals. shrug.
  • shaved my head. It's been months, and I was really committed to the idea of growing it out long again. But yesterday the kid (who was the impetus for the grow-it-long again, because he said he couldn't remember me with long hair) said that it was cool with him, and now it's #4 guard on the sides and back, fingerlength on top and I can't stop rubbing my head again.
  • bought 4 skeins of Cascade quattro for a prayer shawl for my friend. She was my mother-in-law, did I divorce her as well? She's my son's grandmother. She is inspiring and kind and sharp. She is often opaque. She has cancer in her bone marrow, that is apparently a recurrent form of the breast cancer that necessitated a double mastectomy ten years ago.
  • dosed both cats with frontline, in hopes that the one that is allergic to fleas will stop eating himself on my bed. It is so hard to go to sleep with obsessive licking noises coming from the foot of the bed. Good night!
off to start my shawl and listen to john mayer.

Or search the internet and myriad knitting blogs for a pic of the exact shade of yarn I got today. blah. knitters are nuts.

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