Monday, November 19, 2007

Condition is stablilizing

I have plans for t-day break. Big plans.
I'll be in the car for 12 hours total with my stepfather, who wants to always be the driver, and my mother, who doesn't like music in the car, and my son, who has been a little surly, and my own head, which is spinning at usual nauseating speed.

I'll be spending 12 hours a day assessing or avoiding the assessment of my grandparents, who don't want to be assessed, thank you, but who each want me to assess the other!

I'll be off to the county library if the dang place is open, to use the free wifi and try to get the paperwork sorted through from the national convention (fun, revolving restaurant, iceskating, focus sessions good, met the president of the american holistic nurses association, sad about the lack of cohesiveness on my state's board). I'll work on a day in the life post, and I'll do some research about whether I'm willing/able to write a resolution for the NSNA convention in March. i'm also going to work on a FAQ for poor folks who go to national conventions, and sketch out an article on nursing blogs before ANA gets all in my business with their stuff...

I'll be playing chess with the kid, writing stories with the kid and then passing the kid a Captain Underpants and Super Diaper Baby book and taking a nap on the blessed baby duck-upholstered couch.

I unfortunately will not be working any shifts and trying to get out of this gaping financial maw which is the end of the semester. I will, however, be eating my grandparent's food. I will pay the low low price of wearing a nice sweater to t-day dinner for this privlege.

But did I mention the drive yet? it's the part I dread the most, though it's not going to be as bad as all that. Every time we set out, I think, this will be the trip that I buck up and say that I'm ready to take over driving, so that he can choose either passive or aggressive once and for all. Maybe I'll just do the first leg of it this year, and get all Cesar Milan about it. Shht!

I tell ya one thing - I am pretty damn tired of everything that's coming up for me being something that's playing out in the kid's life now! I am feeling like a giant projection screen, just showing him how to become a steaming bowl of crazy of his own! had a relatively good follow up conference with his teacher today - but I leave there feeling a little slimy, like it's going to take a few hours of steady thinking and writing to get clear about what I think about what she said. too much work, people!

speaking of crazy, it's ridiculous to whine about being tired and looking tired, but staying up. I turned off the alarm this morning, and we slept in til 8:45am because he didn't go to sleep til 10pm and I didn't turn off Scrubs til 2:20am. so. good night.

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that big girl said...

in fact, my mother made my stepfather share the driving, but he did whine about it constantly. "I can't see from the back seat, did you make the right turn here?"

I had a great conversation with my grandmother. I also had five or six conversations with her in which she told me that I should cherish every moment with Grampi because he'll probably die this winter, and she doesn't know what she'll do, because she'd like to get out of the house and go to the condo they have reserved, but he wants to die in the house. I maintained a zen-like composure, which I'm sure she interpreted as being a cold-hearted bitch.

I got next to no studying done. The kid enjoyed himself, playing foosball in Generous Aunt and FunLoving Uncle's basement. I did work in the grandparents' yard and felt very accomplished.

I endured approximately 20 minutes of derisive discussion about my chosen vegetarian diet at each meal, once being the focus of 16 ppl who said things like:
Well, Joe eats shrimp and HE'S a vegetarian.
I just don't think I could live without meat.

actually, Joe is an asshole and doesn't know what vegetarian means, and maybe you couldn't. Let's find out.