Tuesday, December 11, 2007

done. but not done?

My final final was this morning, and my final paper was turned in at 4:48pm, just under the extended 5pm deadline. amazing.

I have had a weekend full of vomiting and lethargy, anorexia and fever. I crammed for each of these exams. I have things to say about each of them, in turn. But I really feel I have to say these things in the course evaluations first and foremost. It was a semester of extremes, to be sure - I want the professors that shone to know why I thought they shone, and the ones that fell flat to understand in what way the class went thump.

I'm really amazed that I am still awake and that I am not clutching myself and groaning any longer. I hate that phase of being acutely ill, when you know it will be over soon, but it seems possible that you might feel that awful for the rest of your life.

I was gonna donate platelets tomorrow, but I'm thinking that antibody reactions to platelets are already an issue and they aren't getting my pukey platelets. Give it a week.

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