Thursday, March 15, 2007

Day 4 Spring Break

  1. I hope that I will go to bed early tonight - which would mean as soon as I finish this post. I have been keeping my usual early morning schedule this week (well, sort of, since I reset the alarm yesterday and took the kid to school an hour late. what! fuckit.). but I've been up into the wee hours. Apparently, treating myself on my vacation means sleep deprivation. Interesting.
  2. took the cats (and a little ziploc of poop) to the vet today for rabies shots and basic grooming. Came home with damp cats with short nails, a little aluminum tag taped to a sheet of paper, two weeks of antibiotics for The Cat Who Eats Himself, and a receipt for $257. Who am I that I can spend $257 on these animals?! A luxury, these cats. Amazing. I'm also grumpy about them because SomeCat barfed on the end of my bed at some point last night, and I slid through it as I slid out of bed this morning. The kid points a finger to TCWEH, and I must say the evidence does bear him out, since I found him crouching over a huge hairball tonight.
  3. Drove aimlessly around in the area that I want to move to in June. Found a lot of really trashy looking places. Found a couple of really cute houses. Fantasized about the yurt again.
  4. Worked a shift, made $50 and a few folks really happy. It was a good day, with few assholes and a sense that I am in fact good at this job.
  5. Skimmed half the chapter for my math homework while devouring banana bread and a cinnamon dulce.
  6. Made breakfast for the kid and made his lunch. Managed to do this while washing only the dishes absolutely necessary, and didn't gag when I moved the stuff in the sink around and got a whiff of the bottom of the dish water.
  7. refrained from calling the kid's father when I got two voicemails from the credit union about our outstanding loans. I can put it off til I see him this weekend, and it seems judicious not to stir up the pot when the kid will be there this evening.
  8. sent the email to the kid's teacher that I've been wanting to send for a while, asking if we can sit down and talk about how the kid says he's bored in school and hates math. hmmph. he also says that he wants to live at my house and his aunt's house only. i dunno.
  9. took the trash can and the recycling out. This is the recycling that's been building for weeks now in the windowsill and behind the dish drainer and behind the kitchen trash can. quite the achievement. Have not yet brought the trash can up from the curb.
  10. read some more of The Audacity of Faith. wonder if I'll get around to editing that letter and sending it?
  11. tried to call into two NPR shows today.
  12. Mailed the three things that I've been meaning to get in the mail all week.
  13. filled the car up. Now, this is a little bit of adding things to my list that I did, so that I can cross them off, but it's also one of those things that I tend to put off and off and off, when there's no real benefit to that. It's interesting that I am the child of a man who would fill the tank when it was half-full (because you just never know, he'd say) and I can't seem to move Gas-getting Day from Friday when it's empty to Wednesday, when it's not, because I won't do it til I have to.
  14. yelled at the cat 85 times for scratching stuff like the underside of my bed and the bottom of the closet door. that's why I bought y'all that ridiculous scratcher! See #2.
  15. Wished for someone to crack my back. It feels like everything's all bunched up around my spine around T3-T5 and I hate it! Maybe laying on my stomach and typing is not such a good idea.
  16. went to chorus. felt a little disconnected. remembered that the last time I was really there, I was really there and had a great experience of the energy in my throat. Mostly, I thought about my headache, my backache and
  17. Did a full repeat on the scarf I started for jane. it's looking really nice so far, and I think I'd like to try it with the bigger hook, so that it's less like flannel and more like lace. I don't know how advisable it is to change hooks in the middle of the river, though.
  18. Wrote a letter to jane about death. If I knew how to put things behind the cut, I would post it here. I think I'll just put it in an envelope and capitalize on my earlier success of Getting the Mail Out.
  19. Ate cheddar fries and a reuben from Arby's for dinner. I don't know if I was really hungry, or had a low hemoglobin, or what. I do know that the house where we sing was full of the smells of a delicious dinner. It smelled like the way my mom used to make chicken breasts, with a lot of lemon-pepper, on the broiler. whoa.
  20. smoked like six American Spirits today. they make me hurt. (hmmm, T3-T5, huh?) and they take longer than other cigarettes to smoke. I get bored halfway through, ready to go back to scurrying around. I really am gearing up for quitting.

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