Monday, March 12, 2007

early morning dream

The kid and I were getting ready for work. He and I were both going to an elementary school to teach that day - the kid was subbing in one class and I had another class across the hall. We taught in the morning, and then around lunch we went to the gym for a training session. People were set up in pairs all around the edges of the gym, one "teacher" and one student. At one point, my kid had a meltdown because he couldn't get his student to do the exercise. Another teacher was yelling at him (my kid) and I came over, sat down and pulled him into my lap and told her to leave him alone. He cried for a minute and then got up and went back to the exercise (something with magnetic letters on a board).
There was a very disturbing part where I was trying to figure out to buy some cigarettes, and I went online and found a convenience store that sold them, and ordered some, but when I went to pick them up, I realized that I had actually ordered some porn, and everyone stared at me for bringing my kid with me to buy porn. I tried to explain, but the fact that I was only buying cigarettes seemed just as bad and we left. The guy behind the counter kept leering at us and it was all quite creepy.