Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Reasons! The Reasons! The Reasons begin to fade

In my rush to get started on getting behind on my concurrent movie subscriptions, I ended up with Hitch twice. Will Smith would be my boyfriend if I was interested in having a boyfriend. Cliches? yes. Not enough nakedness? Of course. As feel-good as Pretty Woman was to me the first time? Indeed.

It also reminded me that for a couple years now, I've been aware of my pathetic music collection. I am not a person that buys CDs, because I can't afford them. I downloaded music for a while, but then felt like I didn't understand enough about the risks to keep doing it.

One ginormous Target shopping trip later, I have The Essential Earth Wind and Fire, Continuum by John Mayer (which I'm a little embarrassed by), and Licensed to Ill (which was my second cassette, Tiffany by Tiffany being the first). I'm psyched!

Of course, the kid walked into the bedroom and was all Mom, I turned off that music, I didn't like it.