Friday, January 25, 2008

What did you do in school today?

After meeting a friend for coffee this morning (what, like an adult? with disposable income and free time to just chill at the coffeeshop? who am i!), I careened into the park-n-ride lot, got the last spot in the next to the last row away from the bus stop, and got to campus by 10a.

Stopped by the Academic Counselors office to sign for being a Patho tutor again (I am certifiably insane. Seriously. It's not even funny anymore. I cannot stop signing up for stuff!!). I loved this so much for the half a semester that I did it! I wish that they had told me a week earlier so I could have included it in the last round of scholarship application stuff that I sent out.

Disciplines of Nursing class, which I love. We watched some of a movie calledWit, with Emma Thompson and talked about caring. I had a chance to tell my favorite store of watching residents change a wound-vac dressing (huge abd wound) without any additional pain meds on board bc they couldn't/wouldn't/didn't wait for the nurse, and I didn't feel I could ask them to wait, and the patient didn't/couldn't/never thought to refuse the procedure at that time.

I'm really impressed with this teacher - she has five word phrases to add to each of her bullet points, then comes out to the seats and prompts discussion in a way that lets us know that she really wants us to speak up. I sent her an email today saying that our class is traditionally very close-mouthed. (It seems almost passive-aggressive to me sometimes, the way they will just stare at a lecturer. That and the packing up at 11:48. stop it. sit still for another two minutes.)

Then I dashed to a discussion panel - two lesbian researchers/faculty talking about issues of being out in academia. good for folks who are looking at phd interviews and such. I enjoyed it. nice to do something gay. found a new fellow SON queer-friendly person in the room.

Then dashed back across campus, ducking into Maternal Child late. The guest lecturer was from the hospital where my son was born, and at the break, I told her of my story of having an 11lb 11oz newborn in the special care nursery with transient tachypnea of the newborn, and how it was hard to be beside the parents with 2lb babies and hear the nurses all fawn over my chunky bubba. She told me that she finds the moms with the most elaborate birth plans to be the ones that end up in the special care nursery. I managed to not get bristly until she said - I just wish they would make this their birth plan - Have a healthy baby, get an epidural and be done with it. Oh, I said, and went back to my seat to mutter for the rest of the class.

Then tonight, I've been making a jeopardy board and a big jar of phlegm for the anti-smoking session of tomorrow's nursing school outreach for Girl Scouts. What's in a cigarette and starts with N? How can you find a smoker with your eyes closed?



Emory Student Midwife said...

Ah the joys of park 'n' rides. Mine for some reason was running so late this week. Not to mention about 45 people cramming the bus full at the first stop!

I'm glad to hear you're finding queer-friendly SON people. We have about 3-4 queer people in our program. No officially "out" faculty; however, we ran into a professor at a predominantly lesbian social event.

I'm doing maternity now --- this week's rotation will be the high risk antepartum and the special care nursery too. Not sure if I'll see any 11 pounders!

the robot said...

Are you rotating at a mother-baby unit? I was so interested in how the nurses where we are seem so against the idea, when it makes perfect sense to me to treat them as a dyad. I know it means double the training, but it also means that issues with breastfeeding and issues with dehydration are not two separate spheres independent of each other!