Thursday, January 17, 2008


Dammit if this Public Health Nursing class hasn't started out exactly like Fundamentals of Nursing, which was the bane of January 2007. I just shake my head when I read the syllabus. Whenever I bravely pick up the text and attempt Chapter three, I am greeted with pages of seemingly impossible distinctions between terms which mean NOTHING to anyone but a dictionarist or a nursing textbook editor. Why do I care what the difference between a population and a community is? What if I ask someone else - won't they have a different set of criteria to distinguish the two which would be equally logical as the authors' rationale?

We watched a video today about a Community Based Public Health Initiative. When asked to explain the program, one woman said, Well, it's a public health program that is based in the community.

I'm reduced to asking, as my erstwhile 'traditional' undergraduate students do: Will this be on the test? and if so, in what format?

because, honestly, it's a string of meaningless words to me right now.

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