Tuesday, January 15, 2008

what're we here for again?

Last night at 130am, I was very busily filling in my week's schedule, and looking for the chunks of time to get groceries, write up the scripts for the Nursing Student Outreach project, and buy puzzles for our upcoming SNA conference. I realized that I had yet to find the chunks of time before class on Thurs that I could skim the material.

I get very attached and almost proud of how full my schedule is. It becomes a challenge to see how many activities I can cram into one day - tomorrow, I'll be in seven different places to meet people! What do I win?!

What's so funny to me is that the classes, the school, well they're the reason for all this hubbub, the very stage where the drama is happening! And yet, my focus is so often NOT on the classes. I'm very attentive during class itself- and I'm an excellent studier the week before the exam. But day-to-day, keeping a focus on the coursework? Blah.

Part of this happened during my transfer from bare bones community college to big-time, fancy-pants university. I want to get my financial aid worth! A lecture and panel on incarcerated women? I'm there! Meet a couple folks about an LGBT movie night? Absolutely! (by the way, I'm gearing up to ask the powers that be to host a gay movie screening and discussion - wish me luck!) Print off that stuff on 100 Projects for Peace, with the application that's due today for $10K of funding when you have a tiny idea of something involving kids and Quakers and art... sure, why not.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the feline tumbleweeds are taking over again. I'm currently debating between allocated $50 to an air filter that would suck the cat fur out of the air, possibly, or vacuuming more often, which would reduce the total mass of fur, but would stir it up that much more.

Off to bed, with four Advil for the sore new-filling-tooth (my first in 21 years!) and the hopes that I don't kink myself all up again in my sleep after that yoga class.


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